In 1982, Mr. David Cervantes -who was then serving as Chairman of the National Association of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups in Mexico- finished delivering a lecture. Several mothers and family members approached him, questioning the lack of places to rehabilitate young drug addicts. This left Mr. Cervantes concerned and he decided to open a group that would meet this problem. Experience had shown him that the recovery of drug addicts had to be different. He took the 12 Steps philosophy and added a more democratic, peer-led form of therapeutic environment. It empowered the members with the daily responsibility of running the group, which marked the beginning of Drogadictos Anónimos, A. C. (DA).

Today, there are 32 facilities in 16 different states of Mexico that serve close to 2000 members daily, making Drogadictos Anónimos, A.C. the largest non-profit provider of recovery services in Mexico. All services free of charge. For more information about Drogadictos Anónimos A.C. in Mexico, please follow the following link: www.drogadictosanonimos.org

In 2004, Drogadictos Anónimos established The Corona Self-Help Center, Inc. (CSHC) as a 501(c)3 organization in New York City. A group of migrant members from Drogadictos Anónimos A.C. -out of their own necessity to continue their long term recovery- created a safe place with activities and support services that would cater to the specific needs of other immigrants in recovery from addiction.

Since then, we have five groups in two states (New York and Florida) which have provided services to thousands of homeless immigrants and others seeking support for their recovery. We currently serve a daily average of 200 participants, 365 days of the year.