Welcome to Drogadictos Anónimos. Our website was made for the purpose of sharing essential information about the work of our organization with anyone who needs it.

Here you will find specific information about our purpose, programs and experiences, shared by many of our members. We want you to experience what we have found through the practice of our recovery program. How we embrace a different way of life, with freedom, hope and love. Drogadictos Anónimos wants you to know that we are here for you.


Drogadictos Anónimos believes all individuals suffering from addiction have a right to access recovery, be self-sufficient and independent. Yet, today many people affected by drug addiction are deprived of a sense of self-worth because they cannot pay for proper treatment or access recovery resources and support. Drogadictos Anónimos provides an opportunity for long term recovery and positive change through our free services. We focus on the physical, mental and spiritual condition as a whole; contributing to the individual’s social reintegration in a dignified and efficient way.


Drogadictos Anónimos, is a non-profit organization composed of men, women and children who meet voluntarily to free ourselves from the slavery of drugs. To regain our health, faith and morals, we rely on a recovery program of twelve spiritual principles, sharing our knowledge and experiences of pain and overcoming.

Shall be a member of Drogadictos Anonimos, the person who has problems with the use of drugs and seeks admission, fulfilling the minimum requirements as requested, contributing with his participation and solidarity for the common good.

This association does not defend or go against any other causes, institutions or religions. Our only purpose is to recover ourselves, prevent and help others affected by drugs.